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Here is an interesting fact – There are now more renters in the United States than at any time since 1965! Can you believe that? In my practice, I’m faced with a plethora of landlord-tenant issues and for good reason – “renting is the new buying” thanks to Millenials and empty nesters.

However, with anything that looks too good to be true, it often is. More renters translate into more liabilities for landlords, particularly when tenants are young professionals focused more on their careers and social lives and less so on the condition of their rental unit.

Millennials and older members of Generation Z are renting instead of buying townhomes, condos, and houses for unique reasons, including high student debt loans affecting their home-buying prospects, as well as less interest overall in getting married and having children. A recent report by the Census Bureau (https://www.census.gov) affirms that Millennials are focusing on building their careers and attaining higher educations. They are not as concerned with the notion of marriage and kids. Today’s young professional is not dreaming of a white picket fence and long commute into the tree-lined suburbs of a master-planned community.

Therefore, you may have guessed it! What are most busy, Millenials doing? They are eagerly, enthusiastically, and unapologetically leasing! Real estate developers are appealing to this interest by creating unique urban environments with a wide range of housing types and amenities such as walkable neighborhoods, ample people-watching opportunities, and nearby movie theaters, restaurants, and plenty of retail shops and trendy boutiques.

Additionally, the relocation of their US headquarters by major corporations in midsize and larger cities is part of the rental revival. From the late 1970s and beyond, many companies relocated from cities to office parks in the suburbs, in an effort to be closer to their employees living in these areas. However, now they’re coming back, re-relocating to urban environments once again.

The phenomenon has a name – “New Urbanism.” Major cities across the nation have seen their downtown cores alter over the past decade to provide a plethora of rental apartments. Urban renewal is also underway in smaller cities like Austin, Texas, and Arlington, Virginia, soon to become the second global headquarters of Amazon (www.amazon.com), the world’s largest retailer.

Many retired Baby Boomers whose children have finally moved out are lured to new urban environments for the ease of a simpler lifestyle. The low maintenance appeal and convenient, minimalistic attributes have drawn people of all ages to trendy urban centers.

However, as competition heats up among renters for the best apartments, many property owners are looking for ways to differentiate beyond price and location. One such defining factor is rental insurance. Many property owners require tenants to carry renter’s insurance. Yet, not all insurers of rental units are the same from a coverage, claims administration, and pricing standpoint. There are few insurers who specialize in serving the rental market. For some insurers, rental insurance is an accommodation, not a priority.

Property owners can take charge of this situation by contracting with a specialty rental insurance carrier to provide high-quality rental insurance to tenants on an aggregate basis. Not only may this result in lower insurance premiums for tenants, but specialty program insurers also have broader coverage terms and conditions, in addition to coverage endorsements designed to appeal to many Millennials and members of Generation Z.

Other attractive insurer options include the opportunity for renters to receive text messages reminding them when their insurance premiums are due, along with a link they can tap to make an immediate credit card payment, reducing the chance they will be late in paying. Texts also can alert renters of bad weather conditions that are imminent, a subtle reminder to close windows to reduce rain-related and wind exposure damages. Some specialized insurers provide software to assist property managers to track the status of the rental insurance and, where appropriate, assess the tenant for liability insurance expenses if the tenant fails to meet the lease requirement to carry their own liability insurance.

With the vast number of people renting for the foreseeable future, a specialty renters’ insurance program can be another way that property managers can differentiate their value in today’s increasingly competitive real estate market.

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