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It would be foolish to think that your landlord will never need to enter your rental unit during the course of your lease – whether for emergency or non-emergency reasons. Tenants are often confused as to when and why their landlord can enter the leased premises in Texas?

For example, landlords are often invited into the rental property for maintenance or repair requests by the tenants themselves. However, there are instances where a pipe has burst flooding the interior of the unit where a landlord will be justified in entering the property for an emergency reason. Let’s talk about emergencies versus non-emergencies for when a landlord may legally enter a leased unit.

Emergency vs. Non-emergency:

Needless to say, as we discussed above, if there is an emergency the landlord has the legal right to enter the unit. The landlord has the right and obligation to ascertain the safety and security of the occupants and the property itself. Emergencies are fairly self-explanatory, but they could include situations such as flooding, fire, natural disaster, or if a law enforcement officer requires access to the unit.

On the contrary, routine maintenance issues, either ongoing or requested by the tenant, are the primary reasons for a landlord to require non-emergency entry to a rental unit. It’s important to note that in Texas there is no statute for the notice period required by landlord for non-emergency access to a unit. However, the majority of landlords exercise common courtesy and respect when providing notice to their tenants if they need to enter the unit for repair or maintenance reasons.

A good landlord will be in constant communication with his tenants for a variety of topics, whether it is the need to perform quarterly pest control services, to replace a water heater, repair an appliance, or to respond to a specific request by the tenant.

Experienced landlords and tenants understand that maintaining an amicable relationship is critical for a successful lease term.

Good Practice:

As mentioned before, Texas law does not specify a time period that landlords must give tenants to enter for non-emergency reasons. However, we feel it is prudent and good practice to provide your tenants with minimum 24-hour notice. It is respectful to schedule the entry during regular business hours and try to work around the tenant’s schedule as much as possible. Additionally, we advise landlords to always put such non-emergency requests in writing so that both parties are clear on the purpose of the visit and the time frame.

The landlord-tenant relationship is a “marriage” of sorts and trust, respect, and flexibility will go a long way in this partnership. It is essential to strike the right balance in communication and transparency between both landlord and tenant as the sensitive nature of this relationship hinges on mutual respect. We have several posts on the blog related to this topic and it would be prudent to peruse the entries for additional information and guidance.

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