“Must-Do List” Before Moving into Your New House

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After an arduous house hunting process, you’ve finally reached your closing date. There you are signing a mountain of paperwork eager to finally close this chapter and move on to the exciting part. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, you are handed the keys to your dream home. But before you pull up with the U-Haul, there are some things you should do between closing and move-in. Our clients often ask us the steps they should take prior to moving into their new home. Below is our “must-do list” to ensure a seamless and pleasant transition to your new residence.

Make Copies of All Title Documents

The stacks of paperwork that you signed at the closing table are all important legal documents. Word of caution – don’t lose them. These documents are often requested by lawyers, utility companies, and other organizations as proof you own your home. We encourage our clients to make copies of all title documents and store them in a fireproof storage box or safe deposit box at the bank. Your title company may have given you a thumb drive with the executed documents preloaded on it for your convenience.

Create a Will & Last Testament

It may seem morbid or uncomfortable, but it’s never too early for estate planning. A common myth regarding estate planning is that it’s only necessary for the wealthy. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Estate planning is for everyone and is a vital tool to ensure your loved ones are taken care of as you’d like. For example, if we were to consider your new home, having a Will can prevent confusion or even contention over who rightfully owns the home in the event of your death. A Will is also useful if you are alive, but temporarily or permanently incapacitated. Estate planning is used to designate guardians for your minor children as well. Why would you let the state decide who raises your children if you can’t?

Hire a Moving Company

Whether you’re hiring moving trucks or trying to DIY, now is the time to compare pricing across competitors. Be sure to compare a few bids from moving companies before you decide on one. Also, read review online to see what your neighbors are saying about their experience. Were their belongings taken care of or were they mistreated during the move? Think about the number of movers you’ll need, the services offered, the estimated amount of time it will take, and other logistics associated with moving day.

Change Your Address with USPS

Start the process of changing your address as soon as you close on your new house. Fill out the official change-of-address form with USPS and switch the address on your driver’s license. Additionally, don’t forget to call and change your address with your doctor’s office, magazine subscriptions, newspapers, subscription boxes, financial entities, and your children’s school.

Contact Your Utility Company

Once the property is in your name, make sure all utilities have been switched over to your name. This includes electricity, gas, water, heat, and internet. Some of these may require a service appointment or have a week-long delay. It’s best to plan early so that you’re not living without internet or cable TV for too long. Be sure to ask your sanitation company when your designated trash day is as well.

Re-key the Locks

From a safety standpoint, it is imperative to secure the home by activating the security monitoring service for the home with a new unique passcode as well as changing all locking mechanisms. In fact, keeping the same locks is a potential security issue. Be sure to re-key the entire exterior of the home, including garage doors, exterior doors, and garage door openers. This also includes updating any keypads that provide access to the house. You don’t want any uninvited guests in your home.

Hire Pest Control

In order to start off on the right foot, it’s best to hire a pest control company. The house may not have been previously treated or could have been sitting vacant for quite some time. In any case, the best time to deal with bugs is before you’re cohabitating with them. We advise clients to have the home sprayed or fumigated when it is empty. This way, the pest control service can access areas that are typically not accessible once you move in your furniture.

Professional Maid Service

We advise clients to have a deep cleaning done prior to moving in. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as you may have contractors and professionals in and out of the home before move-in. You should make sure the home is thoroughly disinfected before moving your family and furniture into the new space. Likewise, we recommend changing the A/C filters, disinfecting the dishwasher, fridge, and ice maker (if the home was sold with these appliances), and plugging in air fresheners to give the home a clean, spruced up feel.

Also, we advise home buyers to stock up on paper plates, cups, bowls, plastic cutlery, and glasses for their first week in their new space. You may not remember which box contains kitchenware so it’s important to have a few items handy and accessible, such as paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water, granola bars, or frozen pizzas for quick meals.

Final step – enjoy your new home, creating years of joyous memories and countless milestones with friends and family.

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