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Why are we afraid to fail? Why is there a stigma attached to failing and starting over?

If you ask the average person why they haven’t accomplished their goals yet? Fear of failure will always crop up as the #1 impediment to success for most people, most of the time.

But why is this? There are several reasons. Interestingly, they have nothing to do with being born with low self-confidence. It has everything to do with fear of failure being a socially acceptable behavior.

First, let’s make sure we are clear on our definition of “failure.” What kind of failure do we actually fear the most?

Most fear of failure is short-sighted; meaning we don’t generally fear failing to do something well after years of practice, hard work, and repetition. What we truly fear is failing to do something right the FIRST time. Is it reasonable to expect ourselves (or anyone else for that matter) to do anything right the first time around? NO. Most people require several attempts and relentless weeks, months or even years of practice to get things right at all. Yet we go on expecting ourselves to “do it right” the first time out of the gate. How does that make sense?

I’ve been thinking about this quote for quite some time now. We never want to admit to failure, yet we can never truly grow without it. In order to achieve real success in life, one must stumble and fall to appreciate the pinnacle of development. I think the negative connotation with the word “failure” is ingrained from an early age. The entire education system grades you on a scale of A to F. We all shudder at the thought of a failing grade or assignment because we are programmed to believe our self worth is somehow linked to this letter “F.” In reality, those who never fail, never strive to reach or appreciate the zenith of success that awaits them.

Life is full of hurdles, obstacles, and challenging moments, but how we react to those dark times is the true measure of our grit and character. Failure is merely another step on the path to success. Just as we graduate from junior high to high school and high school to college, we must learn to allow ourselves to “graduate” from the depths of defeat to the heights of achievement.

I want to leave you with this powerful and poignant quote from world renowned automotive giant, Soichiro Honda, “Success can be achieved only through repeated failure and introspection. In fact, success represents 1 percent of your work which results only from the 99 percent that is called failure.”

I built my law practice on the premise of being a life raft in a sea of sharks. I want to be an advocate for those that have been wronged and are too intimidated to seek help. My firm is here to explore your options, guide you through your legal journey, and give you that safe space to ask questions! There’s no such thing as a stupid question…Only the ones you don’t ask. So, my question to my clients is not “do you have any questions?” But rather “what questions do you have?”

As always, the Kazi Law Firm is standing by to help you in your time of need. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. We specialize in real estate law, landlord-tenant disputes, immigration, and wills & estate planning. Family is at the core of our practice. Just as we treat our family with respect and understanding, we treat yours. Come join the Kazi Law Firm family today!

Why swim alone in shark-infested waters when you don’t need to?

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